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DJ vs band

Let's get down to it. Do you want to book a DJ or a band for your evening entertainment? Here we will give you our opinion of what we think is going to work best for you.


The best weddings are always the one where couples have budgeted for entertainment throughout the day. 

Honestly, Live Entertainment is incredible! If you have the budget, DJ and Band is the way to go, 100%.

There is a constant momentum on the floor, the DJ can fill the break between the bands sets, and keep the crowd completely hyped ready for the band's next set. Then when the band have finished, we (the DJs) bring the energy to the next level with absolute choonage that will leave you screaming for "ONE MORE SONG!" at the end of your amazing day! 

The problem arises, if you can only have one or the other. Do you sacrifice not having that "LIVE" sound from a band, for a DJ who will play from the start of your night, until the very end?

 A band will only play for 2 hours, where as a DJ will play across all the genres and play a set that is tailored to everyone's tastes, all the way until the end of your night.



The DJ - 


Provides a well thought out Sound and lighting setup.

Will perform from the start of the party to the very end!

Can play across all genres (literally any songs) to keep your guests vibing all night!

Doesn't go home after a 2 hour set. 

Doesn't leave an amateur with an iPad connected to Spotify behind after the band has gone to provide a B-tech DJ set, with a limited knowledge of music. (Harsh but sadly true).

Guitar Playing
Wedding Band

The Band

£1000 + for a 2 hour set

 £3000 + for a popular wedding band

Amazing live sound

Mainly play Rock/Cheesy Wedding classics

Rarely use Lighting effects to provide ambiance - if they do, it is the more expensive bands.

When the band's set is finished, they will leave someone behind to man an iPad and deliver a poorly mixed DJ set, with little to no lighting.

The band will break their equipment down and move it out of the room, whilst everyone else is trying to dance around them.

It's usually the same playlist they put on week in week out, so they do not account for your unique taste in music.


with boutique disco - it's all covered!

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